The Role of the Artist in Non-artistic Domains

Event Start Date:
November 16, 2014
Event End Date:
November 16, 2014
Event Venue:
Stroom, Den Haag

Sunday November 16, 2014, 16.00 – 17.30 hrs
Finissage Evidence on Trial

On November 16 art itself takes the witness stand. The afternoon marks the end of Susan Schuppli’s presentationEvidence on Trial at Stroom Den Haag. It starts with the screening of her film Material Witness, an examination of a series of media artefacts that emerged out of situations of contemporary conflict. “What kind of ethics are required,” Schuppli asks, “when acts of violence recede into bandwidth and code?”

In our public we welcome Wouter WernerMarieke de Goede and Cissie Fu, political and philosophical scientists who will critically question the role of art and artists in the domain of international law. Is it possible to think like an artist in a domain that isn’t artistic?

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Review of Finissage & Discussion

Moderator is Natasja van den Berg.