Material Witnesses

Event Start Date:
February 3, 2018
Event End Date:
February 3, 2018
Event Venue:
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow G1 3AH

river_gamma camera 
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Saturday 3 February 2018, 2:00PM

This presentation draws upon Susan Schuppli’s research exploring the evidential role of matter. In pursuing this research she has examined a wide range of materials that have recorded trace-evidence of the violence that generated their contexts and explore the institutional and disciplinary protocols that enable their latent histories to be rendered intelligible and made to speak, even if their “speech acts” oftentimes fall upon deaf ears or challenge accepted truths. Throughout Schuppli has tried to account for the myriad ways in which the responsiveness of matter to external forces demands an acute and renewed sense of material and technical specificity in order to grasp the full political implications that such ongoing changes or interactions might yield.

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