Sound of Sand

Presented within the context of the Material Nuclear Culture exhibition
June 17 – August 13 2016, KARST Gallery, Plymouth

ping spectrogram

Sonar ping spectrogram


Listen to the Sound of Sand (headphones recommended) Schuppli, 16:18 mins, 2016
Sound of Sand

Interview conducted with retired Submariner Alan Jones, March 7 2016, Plymouth. In particular Jones recounts a sonic incident that took place in 1983 when he was working aboard the HMS Splendid, a Swiftsure class nuclear powered hunter killer submarine.

Material Nuclear Culture is a group exhibition exploring the material traces and cultural legacy of nuclear powered submarines in the UK, within the international discourse of deep time aesthetics and memory.

Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson | James Acord | Susan Schuppli | Kota Takeuchi | Thomson & Craighead | David Mabb | Erika Kobayashi


Produced by KARST and Arts Catalyst, curated by Ele Carpenter with support from: Arts Council England, Goldsmiths College University of London, University of Westminster, Sasakawa Foundation, and Bildmuseet Sweden. The research and development of the exhibition was also supported by AHRC, npo S-Air and the Daiwa Foundation.