Ural Industrial Biennal

New Literacy 


Material Witness, installation view

Material Witness, installation view

Description: HD video, colour with stereo sound, 33:30 mins., 2014-15
In its past versions the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art focused on the transition of industrial society into the informational society, rewriting the idea of “industry” after the change of the biennial’s scale and themes. Starting with equating the concepts of “industrial” and “factory”, the biennial has expanded the range of meanings of “industrial” through studying the concept of labor (2010), the figure of the artist as the subject of production (2012), as well as through active exploration of labor mobilization practices (2015). The previous biennials reworked the past physically and conceptually — revitalized physical spaces, added new meanings to the industrial era concepts such as “publicity”, “mobilization” and “shock labor workers”. The fourth biennial moves away from dated terms and meanings. New biennial’s understanding of “industrial” is highly practical and pragmatic. It is no longer a mere object of research but the core quality of the biennial as an institute, practices of which are ready to be replicated.

The fourth biennial is called New Literacy and is dedicated to work and recreation in the near future. It anticipates the coming social, economic and cultural changes.

14 September – 11 December 2017