In All the Wrong Places

May 13 – October 24  1999

women + men
Ottawa Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada

Curated by Silvie Fortin

Description: Commissioned performance as part of a year-long exhibition series. The two-week performance project reflects upon the high number of women in the Civil Service tackling complex lives compared to the fact that Canada has only ever had one female Prime Minister (Kim Campbell June 25 to November 4, 1993).

Left: Performers in downtown Ottawa, 1999.
Right: A group of world leaders at the G8 Summit in Scotland last month. German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
who isn’t in the photo, was the only female leader to attend the summit, 2013.


Marion Bordier, Mohamed El Baz, Chantal Gervais, Charles Goldman, Diane Gougeon, Germaine Koh, Aernout Mik, Marylène Negro, Nadine Bayla Norman, Mitch Robertson, Susan Schuppli, Michael Shaowanasai

Download the catalogue essay The Wrong Place by Miwon Kwon

Interview with Allyson Clay & Susan Schuppli by Josephine Mills