Learning from Stuart Hall

An Architectural Analysis of the Transformations of Higher Education

November 24 – Dec 5 2014

1_Stuart Hall

“But this experience of, as it were, experiencing oneself as both subject and object, of encountering oneself from the outside, as another – an other – sort of person next door, is uncanny.”—Stuart Hall

Exhibition Description

Working with materials sourced from a wide variety of archives and contexts, the PhD students in The Centre for Research Architecture (Goldsmiths) have created an exhibition that explores the intellectual, activist, and pedagogical contributions of Professor Stuart Hall. The project takes its cues from the seminal experiments in architectural pedagogy produced by Venturi, Scott-Brown and Izenour under the series title “Learning From…” in which a new and radical architectural intelligence was produced through a close-reading of vernacular sites and landscapes in opposition to those traditionally valorized under the banner of modernism.

Along the ground-floor corridor the students question what it means to name a building after a person. This is investigated through an examination of the architectural blueprint of the former New Academic Building now re-named the Professor Stuart Hall Building as well as the Goldsmiths Master Plan 2009-2019, which maps the university’s projection of itself into the future. On the lower-ground floor the exhibition interrogates the “Research Excellence Framework” which quantifies and evaluates academic outputs, assesses their impacts and ranks the university’s overall production of value.

These schematised metrics, that increasingly define contemporary academic work, are counter-posed by a broad range of materials drawn from Professor Stuart Hall’s influential career as a founder of cultural studies, teacher, writer, publisher, and activist to raise questions about the nature of the “new academic”.

MPhil/PhD Candidates in Research Architecture: Simon Barber, Ariel Caine, Helene Kazan, Hannah Martin, Anna Medina, Mirna Pedalo, Joao Ruivo, Matthew Simons

Graphic Designer: Laurie Robbins (MA Research Architecture)

Sources: Stuart Hall Library Iniva, University of Birmingham (CCCS), Black Cultural Archives

Source of quote: “Epilogue: Through the Prism of Intellectual Life”, in Brian Meek (ed.), Culture, Politics, Race and Diaspora: The Thought of Stuart Hall, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 2007. P. 269.

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