Sounding the Political

Tape 342 STM-1024x38018 ½ minute gap in Watergate Tape 342 (copy) examined under the LEO Electron Microscope, 1972-2011

vietnam muirhead-1024x380Left: Muirhead K220 Picture Transmitter converting a photograph into an audio signal which was transmitted over standard telephone relay from Saigon to Tokyo and onto New York, June 8, 1972

Right: Accidental Napalm by AP photographer Nick Ut, June 8, 1972. © AP/Press Association Images

An important dimension of my long-term research has been the exploration of the sonic materiality of political events and artefacts from the 18 ½ minute gap in Watergate Tape 342, the radio transmission of the photograph of Kim Phuc (Napalm Girl) sent during the Vietnam War to the debilitating acoustic frequencies of life under drones in NW Pakistan.