Playing Back the Histories of Climate Change

“Ice cores are like a tape recorder of climatic history and that history is disappearing worldwide.” —Andrew Bush, Paleoclimatologist, University of Alberta

“Unnatural Media” is a research-based artistic and critical inquiry that investigates how environmental systems operate as a vast information network composed of technical as well as natural sensors that are registering and transmitting the signals of pollution and climate change. The project seeks to coalesce disparate – and oftentimes imperceptible – data sources across a wide range of spatial scales that, when taken together, create a more comprehensive picture of our current ecological condition. Central to this project is an exploration of the ways in which terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric environments function as complex forms of technical media that are directly engaged in recording external events, which they express as material transformations and molecular re-arrangements. In essence, I propose an inquiry that takes seriously the idea that nature is fully capable of documenting its own damaged condition and thus representing itself.