Atmospheric Feedback Loops

vertical cinema projector

In a rural landscape approximately an hour due south of Amsterdam, an open-air laboratory is tuning into the atmospheric frequencies of nature. Separating the signal of climate change from the noise of cyclical variability. Since 1970 the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research has been measuring and monitoring the changes taking place in the feedback loops between land surface processes and the airborne dynamics of our planet. Studying the ways in which the complex behaviour of clouds, aerosols, radiation, precipitation, and turbulence interact with terrestrial events.

vertical cinema

Preview clip from 18 min. 35mm film, 2017

Commissioned for Vertical Cinema & Sonic Acts, Amsterdam. Premieres February 2017

Description: 35mm vertical film, colour with stereo sound, 18 mins., 2017
Full-length preview copy of this video for public screening & exhibition is available upon request