Entering Evidence: Cross Examining the Court Records of the ICTY

Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth. Ed. Forensic Architecture, Berlin: Sternberg Press, (2014) 279-314.

The vast archival holdings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia exceed 9.3 million entries and include photographs, diaries, maps, diagrams, exhumation records, x-rays, radio intercepts, audio recordings and videotapes, as well as physical objects such as scale models, computer hard-drives, personal effects, munitions, and even remnants of charred timber and stone. All is here, save bio-hazardous materials such as blood-soaked clothing, which would have been documented and then disposed of. By 2010, the ICTY Court Records required 3,704 meters of storage shelving. In addition to OTP exhibits, transcripts of the cases and procedural documents are also scanned and entered into the e-court database of the Records of the Trial and Appeals Chambers. This essay explores a cross-section of paradigmatic exhibits entered into evidence.

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