Can the sun lie asked a US court in 1886 when reflecting upon the probative value of new forms of technical evidence, specifically photographs and film. This now historic question was conceptually reanimated when indigenous people in the Canadian north made the public claim that the Arctic sun is setting many kilometres further west—an assertion since corroborated by scientists studying the changing optics of polar ice due to thermal inversions and global warming. The video sets out to explore the emergence of a new visual regime brought about by climate change as well as the dispute between lay knowledge and scientific expertise that subsequently arose at COP15 with regards to this solar dispute.

Full-length preview copy of this video for public screening & exhibition is available upon request

Resolution is Not the Point, Photo50 London Art Fair (2018)

Ex-ante, Artspace, Auckland (2017)

The Sun Placed in the Abyss, Columbus Museum of Art, US  (October 2016-January 2017)

Forensic Architecture: Towards an Investigative Aesthetics, MACBA, Barcelona & MUAC, Mexico City (2017)

Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Denmark (January 2015)

Social Factory, 10th Shanghai Biennale, China (November 2014)

Allegory of the Cave Painting, Extra City, Antwerp (October 2014)

Forensis, Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, (March 2014)

Animisim, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul Korea (December 2013)

Open Futures: Kollektive Resonanz, Shedhalle, Zurich (2021-22)

Im-Possible Images, Lotheringer 13 Halle, Munich (2021)

Polar Opposites: Creative Interventions in the Arctic and Antarctica, Brown University (2018)

Lancers d”Alerte, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris (January 2017)

Let’s Talk about the Weather: Art and Ecology in a Time of Crisis, Sursock Museum, Beirut (Sept 2016)

The Common Guild, Glasgow  (April 2016)

Visual Climates, Magic Lantern Cinema, Rhode Island (April 2016)

The Natural History Museum / Annual Museum Convention Atlanta (April 2015)

The Breath Crystal, Irish Film Institute (April 2015)

Copenhagen Short Film Festival (February 2015)

HD video, colour with stereo sound, 12:52 mins., 2014

Can the Sun Lie? installed in HKW and the Shanghai Biennale in 2014