These six videos 2021-22 investigate the politics of ‘cold’ through the examination of a series of cases and contexts in which the thermostatic condition of cold and its differential experiences and effects are entangled with legal questions, human rights violations, but also claims for social and environmental justice.

Through the analysis of a series of contemporary as well as historic ‘cold cases’ the project explores the strategic role of temperature and speculates about the emergence of a new thermo-politics defined by cold. 

Each of these  COLD CASES exposes the degree to which temperature becomes a register of violence. One that includes the leagcies of climate colonialism, longstanding socio-economic inequalities, and ongoing structural racism.

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Commissioned by Momenta Biennale de I’Image 2021 & Toronto Biennial of Art 2022
Produced in collaboration with Forensic Architecture, Omar Ferwati with research assistance Henry Bradley.

Special thanks to Candice Hopkins, Senior Curator Toronto Biennale of Art, for her guidance and insights in producing these cases.

KIRIK On-line, Istanbul (2022)

The Berlin Biennale (2022)

Weather Engines, Onasis Stegi, Athens (2022)

Toronto Biennale, Canada (2022)

Open Futures: Kollektive Resonanz, Shedhalle, Zurich      (2021-22)

Sensing Nature, Momenta Biennale de l’Image, Canada (2021)

These Seasons, Swiss Institute, NYC,
Conversation with Shannon Mattern (23 February 2023)

Imperial Ecologies, Berlin Biennale (23 June 2022)

Sandberg, Denmark (12-13 June 2022)

First Nation demands OPP officer fired after allegedly leaving man on remote northern Ontario highway, CBC News (14.11.2022)

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Siddhartha Mitter, New York Times (22.07.2022)

The Investigative Mode of the Berlin Biennale Raises an Uncomfortable Question: Who Is All This Research Really for?
Ben Davis, Artnet News 12.07.2022)

The 2022 Toronto Biennial of Art evoked ties between land, water, and human
Dilpreet Bhullar, STIRworld (28.06.2022)

Can the weather be weaponised? Where climate data and art meet
Elise Morton, Euronews (01.04.2022)

Installation view in Weather Engines, Onasis Stegi, Athens 2022

Installation view in the Toronto Biennale of Art 2022