Ice Cores is the first in a series of documentary films exploring the politics of cold. It documents activities in the Canadian Ice Core Archive and the OSU Ice Core and Quaternary Geochemistry Lab in the US as well as glacial retreat at the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefields and ice core drilling at Mount Oxford, Nunavut. It forms part of the multi-year research project Learning from Ice.

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Full-length preview copy of this video for public screening & exhibition is available upon request.

Read about film in “ Ice Core Verticality: The Eloquence of Ice and the Visual Construction of Deep Time” ︎︎︎

7th Anyang Public Art Project, Korea (2023)

Stiftung Kunst und Natur, Museum Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg  (2022)

Ex-Post, Artspace Aotearoa, Auckland (2022)

Earthlings, Fotograf Festival (Czech Republic) 2021

Toronto Biennale, Canada (2019)

Notes on Air, Salt Instanbul (7 May - 8 June 2024)

Marienbad International Film Festival (9 July 2022)

Night Air, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (31 March 2022)

Matadero, Madrid (27-29 April 2022)

Ice Cores, IHME Helsinki (16 February 2021)

Ice Cores, RCA (January 23 2020)

Ice Cores, Strelka, Moscow (22 February 2020)

Ice Cores, Critical Ecologies (17 March 2020)

Deep Journal workshops, Sentient Media, Matadero, Madrid (12-13 March 2022)

Just+Ice: Cold Rights in a Warming World, Conversation with Carey Young, Wolfson, Oxford College (3 March 2022)

Listening to Ice, KMD, Bergen (21 February 2022)

Cold Matters, Digital Democracies Institute, Simon Fraser University  (2 February 2022)

Knowledge, New Materialism, Decoloniality and Feminism, Sound Studies in Kunstwissenschafts Institute, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig (31 January 2022)

Cold Matters, FAMU Prague (2 December 2020)

Preview clip from “Ice Cores” 2019, colour 4-channel installation, 56:22

Ice Cores was generously Supported by the Toronto Biennial of Art, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts.