February 21-25 2022

Eight artists were gathered in Bergen and Odda this week for a workshop with artist-researcher Susan Schuppli. Together, they have explored how events and processes leave traces in nature and ecosystems.

Through site-based fieldwork, discussions, and presentations, the artists have reflected on how environmental systems are recording evidence of change, traces which are being expressed aesthetically through visible changes in surface effects. The workshop invited the participants to consider an expanded notion of the Earth as a sensor engaged in multiple forms of planetary processing and transmission. How can ecological materials become compelling witnesses to events and processes? Which potential strategies might be developed for narrating and representing the emergence of such Earth evidence? The group has also worked on identifying different modes of recording, documenting, and archiving based on their specific research interests and projects.

The workshop emerges from ideas developed in Schuppli’s project Material Witness, where she examines how evidence of events and processes can be found in objects and entities, as well as in the very mechanics of recording instruments.

The workshop is initiated by Åse Løvgren, project developer at BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, and organised by BEK in collaboration with the research project «Illuminating the Non-Representable» at KMD, University of Bergen, led by professor Hilde Kramer.

Fieldtrip to the Bondhus Glacier