Description: Timeline of nine framed images 24 x 24″ each. 18-½ minute video from Watergate Tape 342 presented on a miniature monitor with audio. Uher foot pedal used by President Nixon’s loyal secretary Rose Mary Woods when transcribing the Watergate Tapes using her Uher 5000 tape-recorder. She claimed to have created the infamous  18 ½ minute erasure in Tape 342  by pushing the wrong button on her foot pedal. 

Stretching the Truth, Performance lecture, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne and Brisbane Institute of Modern Art (2018)

Invisible Manoeuvres
Galerie Wedding, Berlin, 2015

Krimiseries: Evidence, Narrative and the Forensic Imagination Museum London Canada (2010)

Poetics of Erasure, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Vancouver (2009) featured in The Capilano Review Issue 3.7 2009

For Reasons of State Whitney ISP, The Kitchen, New York (2008) cat.

Installation view Museum London, Canada

Installation view The Kitchen, New York