Canadian War Museum archival research

“Kurt” is a WWII German weather station erected on the Labrador coast of Newfoundland that was only officially discovered in the 1980s. Although accounts by Inuit seal hunters had reported U-boat sightings in the bay during the war these were dismissed, no doubt because native peoples were not perceived to be credible witnesses capable of identifying such a technical event. As so-called ‘primitives’ they apparently had no idea what they were looking at. When the weather station was rediscovered in later years, signage identifying it as property of the “Canadian Meteor Services” further abetted revelations as to its true nature as a German WWII military installation, although no such organization ever existed in Canada. The facticity of the Labrador Weather Station was eventually corroborated when written correspondence between by a retired Siemens’s engineer and a Dept. of Defence employee led to its rediscovery by the Coast Guard in 1982. Its status is that of a decoy object; a factual entity consigned to fiction (Inuit sightings and the personal photographs of the U-Boat 537 serviceman who erected it), which through a series of salvage operations regains its empirical status as a legitimate historical artefact capable of taking up residence within the Canadian War Museum.

Description: Photo-series 24 x 24″ each. Production 2010. Documentary video currently in-progress.